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Liquid Biopsy Companies

Liquid biopsies represent one of the hottest trends in genomics and there has been an explosion of companies getting into this space. Naturally it’s been a topic of intense interest for consulting clients, so it’s an area that I monitor closely. There are well over 500 companies in the SanDiegOmics “Genome Technology” database, and currently...

Circular RNAs

The latest on circular RNAs

The Scientist just came out with a nice article on circular RNAs, including a summary of the latest research and clues to their function. It’s still not clear what circRNAs “do”, but the consensus has been that whatever it is, it doesn’t involve being translated into protein. That no longer appears to be the case:...

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Welcome to SanDiegOmics!

Welcome to the SanDiegOmics blog! This is where I’ll be sharing with you the latest trends and updates in the genomics market, including next generation sequencing, genome editing, clinical interpretation, and more. I’ll also be commenting on genomics startup resources for San Diego, the epicenter of this rapidly growing industry. Finally, I’ll also be focusing...

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