I created SanDiegOmics.com to serve as the home for my passion for genomics. After receiving my doctorate from the University of California – Davis, I kicked off my career by joining Illumina, which at the time was a small San Diego startup working on a new microarray technology. Little did I know that this 15-person startup would grow into the dominant next generation sequencing company. I’d like to say I was prescient, but mostly I was lucky and hungry for a job. I started as a research scientist, developing the basic platform and creating Illumina’s first gene expression product. I later transitioned into a product marketing role which expanded greatly with acquisition of Solexa and its sequencing platform.

After I retired from Illumina in 2010, I started engaging with the genomics community in new ways. I became the co-founder and CSO of AllSeq, an online sequencing marketplace, which offers a unique and unbiased perspective on the consumer and technology trends in the genomics market. I also started sharing my technical and market expertise as a consultant, later adding the role of genomics angel investor.

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I’m always interested in connecting with others who share my enthusiasm for genomics. You can reach me via a variety of platforms: