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Specialty genomics business consulting including technical due diligence, product-market fit, competitive analysis, and technology trends.
San Diego Startup Resources

Resources for San Diego entrepreneurs, investors, and startup employees – podcasts, news sources, interest groups, workspaces, etc.

Sequencing Companies

List of sequencing companies - those that are currently offering platforms on the market, those still in development, and those that have passed on.

A sample of clients we've helped

Due diligence, product-market fit, market assessment, fundraising, M&A

Sequencing Startup

Problem: A small startup needed help from the ground up, from concept to launch. 

Solution: Guided their business and market strategy, including product positioning against the competition. Worked with the CEO to craft a VC pitch deck and coached senior management on presentation strategies. Served as the technical and market representative during VC pitches. Assembled a team to lead commercial efforts in preparation for product launch.

Hedge Fund Manager

Problem: Hedge fund manager was looking to understand the market impact of a new platform launch from the market leader. 

Solution: Explained how the new platform fit into the company portfolio and broader market offerings. Described the buyer purchasing decision motivations and constraints. Outlined the likely future directions of the company and key events to look for (both positive and negative investment signals)

Investment Banker

Problem: Investment banker needed a technical and market due diligence on a sequencing startup looking to raise capital.

Solution: Developed a detailed report of the technology platform, including key aspects of early access customer feedback and an assessment of product readiness. Explained which part of the value chain and market segments the platform would be attempting to compete and likelihood of success (product-market fit). Arranged for in depth technical analysis of early access data.

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