Liquid Biopsy Companies

Liquid biopsies represent one of the hottest trends in genomics and there has been an explosion of companies getting into this space. Naturally it’s been a topic of intense interest for consulting clients, so it’s an area that I monitor closely. There are well over 500 companies in the SanDiegOmics “Genome Technology” database, and currently 75 of them either have a liquid biopsy product or are working on developing one. You can get a peek at this portion of the database below, and even filter and sort by a subset of the company traits. And since this is a live view of the database, so you’ll see it change and get updated over time. If you know of a company that belongs on the list, let me know and I’ll add it. (And if you’re interested in seeing more details, like commercial status, RUO vs clinical, where these companies fall in the overall ‘liquid biopsy value chain’, contact me about the SanDiegOmics consulting retainer program which includes access to the full database and quarterly private consultation calls tailored to your specific interests).

Shawn Baker

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