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Liquid Biopsy Companies

Currently one of the most popular topics for my consultation calls is about the liquid biopsy market. The companies listed below are either offering or developing non-invasive (no solid tissue biopsies) diagnostic and screening methods. While “liquid biopsy” usually means “high complexity NGS cancer test from a blood sample” to most people, there are actually...

NGS Companies

Sequencing Platform Companies Although Illumina is dominating next gen sequencing, there are several other sequencing platform companies on the market and several more with platforms in development (a trend that is likely to accelerate over the next few years). There is also a growing list of “former sequencing companies” in the NGS Necropolis. These lists...

2020 Sequencing Predictions

Here’s my take on what we might see in 2020 for the sequencing platform market. This isn’t specifically about JPM, but I wanted to get this out ahead of the conference since it’s obviously one of the main venues for “big announcements”.         Illumina 1) Merger/long reads I was all prepared to...

Illumina – PacBio Acquisition Poll

I'm running a quick poll to gauge the sequencing community's opinion about Illumina's proposed acquisition of PacBio. Just two simple questions. For the record, my answers are "yes" and "yes" (but I'm less confident about the second question). Check out my previous post to see my reasoning.

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