Liquid Biopsy Companies

Torrey Pines State Beach
Torrey Pines State Beach

Currently one of the most popular topics for my consultation calls is about the liquid biopsy market. The companies listed below are either offering or developing non-invasive (no solid tissue biopsies) diagnostic and screening methods. While “liquid biopsy” usually means “high complexity NGS cancer test from a blood sample” to most people, there are actually plenty of exceptions (which partially explains why this list is so long). While NIPT is technically a type of liquid biopsy, it isn’t included in this list. The companies can be filtered and sorted by application, sample type, and analyte. See below descriptions of the acronyms used.




Active Companies

The following companies have liquid biopsy products in development or currently on the market.

Liquid Biopsy Necropolis

Companies that have been acquired, merged, changed their name, discontinued, or folded

cfDNA = cell free DNA (which also includes ctDNA - circulating tumor DNA)
cfRNA = cell free RNA
CTC = circulating tumor cells
methylDNA = methylated DNA

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