Spatial Genomics Companies

Red tide bioluminescence at Torrey Pines State Beach

One of the hottest trends in NGS applications is that of spatial genomics - measuring nucleic acids and proteins while maintaining the  XY (and sometimes Z) coordinates within the tissue sample. This is a very dynamic market with a variety of approaches with a lot of variability in terms of resolution, sampling method (explained below), plexity, detection method, area of coverage, workflow, etc. Some of the main attributes that I track are included here.

If you have any comments (companies/technologies I missed, mischaracterizations, etc), hit me up on Twitter. Also be sure to check out Albert Vilella's list (where he tracks slightly different parameters).




Active Companies

Spatial Genomics Necropolis

Sampling Methods

Continuous = entire area of focus is monitored
Patterned = area is subsampled via an overlaid grid pattern
Sampled = user manually chooses sections of the area of monitor

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