San Diego Life Science Startups Have a New VC Option

CoinsSan Diego startups have a new potential source for raising VC capital, as Anzu Partners is looking to raise $150M for local investments. Their focus isn’t strictly on the life sciences, but many of their investments are in this area.

Anzu’s managing partner David Michael said their areas of interest include life sciences tools, microfluidics, additive manufacturing, semiconductor technologies and robotics. These are all areas in which San Diego is strong, he said.

The VC firm invests about $3 million to $8 million per deal, and has already invested in two San Diego startups: test maker Banyan Biomarkers and microfluidics company NanoCellect Biomedical. Michael said Anzu is also “actively relocating companies to San Diego,” including Australia-based Liquid Instruments, which is currently setting up a local headquarters.

Source: The San Diego Union Tribune

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