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SanDiegOmics Consulting specializes in helping clients make sense of the fast-changing genomics market, including next generation sequencing, genome editing, and DNA synthesis. Projects range from small to large and have included market intelligence and modeling, technical due diligence, product-market fit analysis and corporate strategy. In addition to the principal consultant, Dr. Shawn Baker, clients also have access to an extensive network of experts spanning the entire genomics value chain and areas of expertise, ensuring all consulting needs will be covered.

Example Client Cases

NGS reagent company

Problem: Medium-sized next generation sequencing reagent company looking to acquire a plug-in library prep technology.

Solution: Performed product-market fit analysis and an analysis of likely future market roadmap. Provided concrete steps that would be needed for a successful product launch.

Small biotech company

Problem: Small biotech company with nucleic acid quality control platform looking to be acquired.

Solution: Provided a market survey, created a ranked list of 50+ potential acquirers, and produced one-pager product summary, pitch deck, and video presentation materials. Established contact and conducted preliminary interviews with promising candidate acquirers. 

Hedge fund manager

Problem: Hedge fund manager looking for likely market response to latest sequencing platform.

Solution: Provided perspective on how the platform fit into the current market and how quickly it would be adopted by current customers based on the strengths and weaknesses of the new features.

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